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10.15.15 // Public Art

Wild Alley

In 2015, then Chrysler Museum Glass Studio instructor Hannah Kirkpatrick led a student artist team from the Governor’s School for the Arts to create a neon piece inspired by the wilderness in a forgotten alley corner. The hidden neon artwork became the starting point for a years-long effort to beautify three blocks of Magazine Lane. Wild Alley

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10.07.15 // Public Art

With the Current

The mural’s maritime symbols represent ways Norfolk citizens create meaningful homes in what can be a transient city. It was a collaboration between local artists A. Valid and Christopher Revels that lived in Magazine Lane until it was replaced with Navid Rahman’s Jewel in 2018.

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10.03.14 // Public Art


Artist Elliott Addesso worked with students of Norfolk’s Emerging Leaders program to paint a large mural at the south entrance to NEON that features various text and symbols celebrating Norfolk. Painted on large boards and attached to the wall, the project was removed in 2022 due to the wood’s condition.

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08.24.14 // Public Art


Completed in the very early days of the NEON District in 2014, Love was a collaboration between artist couple Alan Jelercic and Victoria Farr that lived on a vacant storefront on Granby Street. The mural on panel boards was a testament to their love for each other and their son and their home in Norfolk. Love

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10.07.13 // Public Art

Gateway Towers

John Rudel, the Professor of Art and Curator of Exhibitions for the Neil Britton Art Gallery at Virginia Wesleyan University, along with students of Norfolk’s Emerging Leaders program, created sculptures along Granby Street installed over existing NET bus signs during the summer of 2013. They stood in place until 2021 when they were removed from Gateway Towers

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7th Annual
 NEON Festival

The 7th annual NEON Festival returned to NFK October 20 & 21, 2022. The nights were lit with performances, music, murals, art and more!

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Call For Artists

Hundreds of artists have passed through NEON walls over the years. Big or small, international or your next door neighbor, high school student or college professor - artists of all kinds and skill levels are welcome to contribute to the NEON District's public art collection. Apply for project-based open calls throughout the year to join the club.