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A revitalization strategy has been underway for the NEON District for more than a decade. Driven by civic interest in the historic Auto Row neighborhood, community leaders began efforts to transform an under-utilized and bleak part of Downtown into an arts destination. Since 2013, grassroots advocacy and city partnership has led to significant infrastructure and business development. Those efforts aren’t over – the community continues to invest and advocate for NEON as an arts neighborhood and we invite you to join in.

Supporting the NEON can be as easy as signing up for the monthly newsletter or following us on the ‘gram. Get to know what we do and then dive in. The district is always seeking to partner with artists, volunteers, small businesses and arts allies. Sitting at the crossroads of Ghent, downtown Norfolk and the St. Paul’s communities, the neighborhood is home to a diverse set of businesses, residents and visitors. That eclectic, walkable atmosphere is here for you. Tell us what you’re looking for, shop local, share art opportunities, take an art tour, attend a meeting or just get to know your neighbor.

Volunteer Opportunities

The NEON District runs on paint, sweat and a little free labor. Volunteers got us started after all, chipping in time and treasure to make a forgotten corner of Norfolk into the vibrant neighborhood it is now. Join us on the journey to keep NEON aglow.



Supported by the Downtown Norfolk Council's non-profit organization, the NEON District hosts individual and corporate giving at many levels. We need your support in creating and sustaining Norfolk's first arts neighborhood.

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