The NEON District is primed and ready. We just need your help. 

Your support and engagement is critical in making the NEON District a vibrant arts destination. Each year, the Downtown Norfolk Council allocates funds to keep the lights on in the NEON, but private investment allows us to flourish. The DNC takes care of clean and safe services in the district, as it does for all of downtown. That means trash is collected, graffiti is removed and the friendly faces of the public service ambassadors are seen daily in NEON. Where the additional help is needed is in adding the creativity and color to the district. We know the artists and we can find the walls. Let’s make it happen. 

Both individual and corporate donations to the NEON District’s Public Art Program are welcome. The NEON District utilizes the Downtown Norfolk Council’s 501(c)3, the Downtown Norfolk Fund, to make charitable giving possible. Whether you represent a corporation or just love murals, 100% of your donations to the Fund go towards improving the NEON District and creating public art.

If you would like to contribute to the efforts of the Downtown Norfolk Council and the NEON District by donating to the Downtown Norfolk Fund, please click here.

The Downtown Norfolk Fund is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, all or a portion of your gift may be tax deductible. Please consult with a tax professional or financial advisor to learn more about the tax implications of your gift.


The NEON District’s annual fall festival, The NEON Festival, provides an opportunity for recognition and visibility for businesses and organizations who believe in what we do. Over two nights, more than 7,000 visitors flock to the district. With an always expanding social media audience, more than 25,000 followers are along for the ride. Hundreds of visual and performing artists are provided free spaces to create and show. NEON Festival sponsors are exposed to a young and creative community who are growing the culture right here in Norfolk.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rachel McCall at 757-623-1757 or