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10.19.23 // Press

NEON Shines Bright with the Arts

When urbanist and scholar, Richard Florida, first introduced the “creative class” into our popular lexicon back in the early aughts, his ideas were heralded as being transformative and sexy, yet rooted in substantial data…all of which led to buy-in from urban planners and downtown revivalists throughout the country.

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07.05.23 // Press

The City with Bite: Hummingbird Macarons

When a city like Norfolk, VA has 600-plus indie restaurants, you can’t not try to try them all. Foodie fanatic Nomarama visited the NEON District once more in the third season of City with Bite, this time to share a decadent dessert with Kisha Moore. Kisha has spent more than a decade creating sweet works of art through Hummingbird Macarons & Desserts, lucky for us right in the heart of the NEON District.

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03.22.23 // Press

Women’s History Month with Karen Rudd

She’s passionate about public art and bringing creative opportunities to the City of Norfolk! Introducing Norfolk Arts Director, Karen Rudd, who also serves on NEON’s Public Art Committee.

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03.22.23 // Press

Glass Act: Chrysler Museum’s Massive Glass Studio Expansion

For over a decade, the Chrysler Museum’s Perry glass studio has invited the public to experience the magical, molten elements of glassblowing. The over 9,000 square foot space was initially established “to nurture the growing glass community in Norfolk,” as described by Glass Studio Manager and Program Director Robin Rogers, and pays tribute to the Chrysler’s internationally-acclaimed glass collection, which boasts over 10,000 pieces spanning 3,000 years.

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03.11.23 // Press

Student Tying Up Loose Ends Before 9th Annual Wearable Arts Show

Governor’s School of Arts students are storytelling through art. “They are getting this great opportunity to get out of their comfort zone,” said Liana Courts, chairwoman of GSArts’ visual arts department. The wearable art pieces force students to think outside the box.

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12.19.22 // Press

4th Annual Chrysler Bake Off Sees Some Awfully Sweet and Creative Cooking

Mhmmm…yummy…scrumptious…Art. When it comes to art, everyone’s got their own tastes, and it turns out that sometimes, works of art do indeed truly and literally have their own unique, sweet flavors.

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11.25.22 // Press

Curate: Episode 6

Art students in Norfolk find their work in a most prominent place.

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11.21.22 // Press

London Calling and Gourmandizing NEON

Look beneath the surface of most community murals and there you will find a rich backstory—a stew if you will—of historical context and contemporary perspective. The newest mural in Norfolk’s NEON district boasts that and more. Led by both stateside and UK teams of professionals, now friends, Gourmandizing NEON is a journey of a thousand bites that started with one small nibble.

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07.12.22 // Press

Wander around NEON and Mermaids in this East Coast Waterfront City

Some people think about Norfolk and imagine the largest naval base in the world stationed here. Others think about mermaids. After all, you could actually scavenge or happily bump into mermaid statues everywhere you go in the city. The Virginia town, sitting on a bay surrounded by water, has a full range of maritime associations. But you’ll also find a bustling waterfront, historic districts, a burgeoning foodie scene, and a stimulating arts neighborhood…

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7th Annual
 NEON Festival

The 7th annual NEON Festival returned to NFK October 20 & 21, 2022. The nights were lit with performances, music, murals, art and more!

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Call For Artists

Hundreds of artists have passed through NEON walls over the years. Big or small, international or your next door neighbor, high school student or college professor - artists of all kinds and skill levels are welcome to contribute to the NEON District's public art collection. Apply for project-based open calls throughout the year to join the club.