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08.03.20 // Public Art

NEON Wayfinding Posters 2020

In 2017, Work Program Architects, Downtown Norfolk Council and Sway Creative Labs joined forces to create an artistic sign package for NEON that included pedestrian signs, gateway fixtures and sidewalk “breadcrumbs” to lead visitors around the neighborhood. Two custom fabricated steel signs were placed on Olney Road and Grace Street with attraction listings and windows NEON Wayfinding Posters 2020

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09.30.19 // Public Art


The artist Silas Baker wanted his mural to be a welcome sign as you enter the NEON District in downtown Norfolk. Sticking to a graffiti-style design which has always been a strong passion of his, the mural was bright, colorful and eye-catching, what most people associate with classic neon signage. Baker’s mural was the third Xenon

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10.20.18 // Public Art

Notice Me #13

Girl Noticed is a community mural project, traveling the globe to build and maintain a world better informed about the positive impact the simple act of “noticing” a girl has. Every girl, just the way she is, has something about her worth noticing. Girl Noticed makes the bold statement that it is a community’s responsibility Notice Me #13

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06.28.18 // Public Art

Stay Woke

Multimedia artist Isabella Thompson installed yarn bomb “Stay Woke” in 2018. For years, the piece remained anonymous, reminding all viewers it doesn’t matter who you are or if anyone knows or not, it’s vital to get in tune with your environment and community. Isabella returned to the NEON District in 2024, creating more yarn bombs Stay Woke

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10.15.17 // Public Art

Upper Blush

In 2016, the City of Norfolk Public Art Commission received a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant to create public art addressing a community issue. Artist Matthew Geller created a large water-collecting swaying bench to bring awareness to Norfolk’s relationship with sea-level rise and flooding. In 2023, the piece was relocated to Water Upper Blush

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10.07.17 // Public Art

A Series of Fortunate Events

Local artist Tamika Bright-Stubblefield worked in yarn, paint and collage for her NEON District piece, creating views she calls “beyond this place.” Her yarn mural lived on the Zeke’s NFK fence as a long-term installation designed to weather over time.

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10.07.17 // Public Art

NEON Fiber Garden

The NEON Fiber Garden grew out of local crafter Danielle Shaffer’s passion for all things yarn. Over months of knitting and crocheting in 2017, a group of women spun a flowering botanical garden and then installed on a chain link fence behind the Virginia ABC store in NEON to beautify the area. The long-term installation NEON Fiber Garden

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10.07.17 // Public Art

Ajent of NEON

Then Norfolk State University MFA student Mensah Bey’s mural visualized the thriving NEON District in Norfolk and its commitment to beautifying a growing city by the hands of artists and creators. The surrealistic painting was influenced by the dynamic cubism style of Jacob Lawrence with references to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam.” It was the Ajent of NEON

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10.07.17 // Public Art

The Chase

Installed in 2017, The Chase was a temporary woven installation about the reversal of predator and prey, letting the artist Ryan Lytle experiment with translating the visual language into a medium that can be displayed outdoors in a public forum. Initially, Lytle created a rabbit chasing fox and then in 2018 added a wolf, furthering The Chase

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7th Annual
 NEON Festival

The 7th annual NEON Festival returned to NFK October 20 & 21, 2022. The nights were lit with performances, music, murals, art and more!

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Call For Artists

Hundreds of artists have passed through NEON walls over the years. Big or small, international or your next door neighbor, high school student or college professor - artists of all kinds and skill levels are welcome to contribute to the NEON District's public art collection. Apply for project-based open calls throughout the year to join the club.