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11.29.22 // Public Art

NEON Holiday Stars 2022

After a successful first year of custom holiday designs, two new artists were selected for the 2021 holiday season to create a new vision for the district’s star décor. Custom star paintings by Aimee Bruce inspired by neon lights and bokeh dots were displayed at Retail Alliance’s parking lot, in the Plot flower bed and NEON Holiday Stars 2022

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10.21.22 // Public Art


The NEON Cube is the result of dreams to rehabilitate an iconic downtown structure and current efforts to establish and brand Norfolk’s first arts district, the NEON District. Work Program Architects, Downtown Norfolk Council and Sway Creative Labs joined forces to create an artistic sign package for NEON that included pedestrian signs, gateway fixtures and NEON Cube

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10.21.22 // Public Art

Gourmandizing NEON

The Governor’s School for the Arts hosted a series of workshops with London-based artist Matthew McGuinness for six weeks in the spring of 2022 working with visual arts students to research the theme, “A History of Lunchtime in Norfolk”. In these workshops, Matthew and the Gourmandizing team encouraged and directed the students towards desk and Gourmandizing NEON

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10.18.22 // Public Art

801 Window Gallery

Norfolk Public Schools and the NEON District collaborated with the condo owners of the Gray Building to create a rotating window gallery space, providing young artists in grades Kindergarten through 12 a place to exhibit their works in the community. NPS art students are passionate and NPS teachers work tirelessly to train and hone all 801 Window Gallery

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10.16.22 // Public Art

A Pot of Good Times

Two Fine Art students from Norfolk State University were selected in 2022 for a large-scale mural at the northern gateway into the NEON neighborhood. Asiko-oluwa Aderin is an undergraduate student in NSU’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program, with a concentration in Graphic Design. Her works, expressed through digital and acrylic media, focus on appreciating black A Pot of Good Times

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09.30.22 // Public Art

Pink Neon

Virginia Beach artist Hanna Kirby was selected to create a mural design for the rotating art space on the rear of a NEON District billboard in 2022. She is the fourth artist represented on the rotating mural space on Bob’s billboard sign. An illustrator, graphic designer, painter, chef, exhibition designer and muralist, Hanna holds an Pink Neon

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09.01.22 // Public Art

NEON Wayfinding Posters 2022

In 2017, Work Program Architects, Downtown Norfolk Council and Sway Creative Labs joined forces to create an artistic sign package for NEON that included pedestrian signs, gateway fixtures and sidewalk “breadcrumbs” to lead visitors around the neighborhood. Two custom fabricated steel signs were placed on Olney Road and Grace Street with attraction listings and windows NEON Wayfinding Posters 2022

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10.03.21 // Public Art


Young Governor’s School for the Arts visual artist Layla Todd’s design was selected for a new mural on the rotating art site in Magazine Lane. The goal of this project was to create a design that was simple but stylistically unique enough to make a recognizable and memorable piece. The shapes, line and color together Affinity

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08.30.21 // Public Art

Bella Bones

Aimee Bruce’s mural invites the viewer to take a selfie with Bella, Zeke’s wallflower t-rex. Surrounded by flora, this skeleton t-rex stands holding a peace offering to any individual who wishes to receive it. It was inspired by Roald Dahl’s quote, “And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the Bella Bones

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7th Annual
 NEON Festival

The 7th annual NEON Festival returned to NFK October 20 & 21, 2022. The nights were lit with performances, music, murals, art and more!

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Call For Artists

Hundreds of artists have passed through NEON walls over the years. Big or small, international or your next door neighbor, high school student or college professor - artists of all kinds and skill levels are welcome to contribute to the NEON District's public art collection. Apply for project-based open calls throughout the year to join the club.