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10.21.23 // Public Art

NEON Walls

In art-filled Magazine Lane, NEON Walls took more than 300 feet of privacy fencing and converted it into a living graffiti gallery. Led by internationally-known street art crew Few and Far, a collection of graffiti writers and street artists from Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond painted the fence in the days leading up the 2023 NEON Walls

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10.18.23 // Public Art

Walking on Water

In the fall of 2023, The Governor’s School for the Arts visual arts student Iolanna Nuzzo designed a new “rug” for the rotating art site in Magazine Lane, between 801 Granby and Hurrah’s Copeland Center. The alley rug is a popular selfie spot in NEON. GSA Artist Assistants: • Sofia Cateternam • Jordan Collins • Walking on Water

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10.17.23 // Public Art

Anatomy of NEON

Young Governor’s School for the Arts visual artist Aspen Knight’s design was selected for a new mural on the rotating art site in Magazine Lane. Aspen’s painting replaced a previous mural painted by Governor’s School for the Arts student Layla Todd.

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10.17.23 // Public Art

NEON Squared

As a continuation of their artistic bench project, Governor’s School for the Arts students initially painted six sidewalk mural squares in the NEON in 2018. Now an ongoing project, visual art students repaint and add new mural squares on sidewalks annually. GSA students also refresh the Magazine Lane “carpet” seen behind 801 Granby Street every NEON Squared

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10.09.23 // Public Art

Sweet Treats

Nestled in Norfolk’s NEON District, the Sweet Treats mural bursts with colorful creativity behind Hummingbird Dessert Boutique, enticing all with its 30 delectable sweets. A confectionery wonderland, the hand-painted mural blends vivid, cheerful hues on its dreamy canvas. It’s a paradise for sweet enthusiasts, showcasing mouthwatering macarons, cupcakes, ice cream cones, candies, and cookies, all Sweet Treats

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09.28.23 // Public Art

The Kindness of Strangers

The Kindness of Strangers is a heavy nod to the vibrant NEON District in Norfolk, Virginia. As a creative, Kyle Confehr meets all sorts of people when doing public art. But the response to his work in Norfolk was nothing but positive and encouraging. He wanted this piece to reflect that back on the city The Kindness of Strangers

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02.01.23 // Public Art

Give Light

The corporate motto for Scripps, the parent company of WTKR News 3, “give light and the people will find their own way,” was the inspiration behind this mural created by Virginia Wesleyan University Professor of Art John Rudel.

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01.11.23 // Public Art

Color Blot

Artist Parrish Majestic’s “Color Blot” window panels are inspired by the famous Rorschach tests used in psychology where subjects’ perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation. Instead of analyzing with ink, Parrish aimed to entertain and inspire with color blots that engage with pedestrians walking by the canvases. Currently on view Color Blot

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10.21.22 // Public Art


The NEON Cube is the result of dreams to rehabilitate an iconic downtown structure and current efforts to establish and brand Norfolk’s first arts district, the NEON District. Work Program Architects, Downtown Norfolk Council and Sway Creative Labs joined forces to create an artistic sign package for NEON that included pedestrian signs, gateway fixtures and NEON Cube

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7th Annual
 NEON Festival

The 7th annual NEON Festival returned to NFK October 20 & 21, 2022. The nights were lit with performances, music, murals, art and more!

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Call For Artists

Hundreds of artists have passed through NEON walls over the years. Big or small, international or your next door neighbor, high school student or college professor - artists of all kinds and skill levels are welcome to contribute to the NEON District's public art collection. Apply for project-based open calls throughout the year to join the club.