The Psychic: An Improvised Journey into the Supernatural

Push Comedy Theater
763 Granby Street
8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Are you concerned about your future?
Have you ever had a spirit cut you in line at the Harris Teeter?
Are you fearful of what is yet to come?
Have you ever wanted to go face-to-face with the great unknown?
Do you have questions from your past that need answers?
Have you ever wanted to make out with a ghost?

These questions and many more will be answered by the great Marcius Lucius and his band of Lucius Lucians. Marcius Lucius will take the audience on a spiritual journey from the past to the future. You will be transported through psychic readings, Raike, palm reading, rock healing, chakra adjustment, handfasting, crystal ball readings, tarot card shuffling, tantric loving making and direct communication with those who have passed on to the other dimension.

Things Marcius Lucius of the Lucius Lucians has successfully predicted include:
-The Great Tidewater earthquake of August 27th, 2011
– The rise of Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse to the Waterside District
– Global Warming
– Flooding at the Hague in Norfolk (meteorologists often seek his counsel)
– The influx of out-of-towners to Virginia Beach during the summer months
– Hurricanes
– Peanuts in Suffolk (farmers often consult)
– That people who attend TCC can from there go anywhere (unconfirmed if he was consulted on the slogan)
– The mid-aught fires of the Great Dismal Swamp
-Construction on 64

Marcius Lucius has not attended the Edgar Kasey School, The School of Fuller Massage nor any other reputable institute of higher learning. He received his powers directly from Lord Jofur the Norse god of Thunder one morning while eating a bagel on the Elizabeth River Ferry.

See you at the show (He has already predicted that you are coming)!