09.16.23 – 09.18.23

Paint Anything With Confidence: Nancy Tankersley

d'Art Center
740 Boush Street
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

*Three-day Workshop (with 1 Hour Lunch Breaks)

In this workshop, Nancy will take you from painting still life to landscape and even figures. Concentrating on understanding basic shapes and light source, you will learn that most representational painting is based on these two concepts and there is no need to limit yourself on subject matter! Drawing is important and she will show you simple ways to check the accuracy of your drawing. You will explore ways of gaining information for your paintings through observational painting, working with photographic reference, journaling and memory exercises.

Nancy works in both oils and acrylic, has years of experience with pastels, and is open to working with artists in any medium including watercolor and gouache. She believes that technique is an ever evolving journey (and best learned though personal experimentation) , but understanding the underlying principals of how to observe and translate your observations to a 2-D surface is key to becoming a good painter. You will work with a limited choice of colors so that you gain mastery over your paint mixing before adding extra pigments to your palette.

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