Public Art

Sweet Treats

Magazine Lane
Magazine Lane, Norfolk, VA 23510

Tessa Hall Duquette


Nestled in Norfolk’s NEON District, the Sweet Treats mural bursts with colorful creativity behind Hummingbird Dessert Boutique, enticing all with its 30 delectable sweets. A confectionery wonderland, the hand-painted mural blends vivid, cheerful hues on its dreamy canvas. It’s a paradise for sweet enthusiasts, showcasing mouthwatering macarons, cupcakes, ice cream cones, candies, and cookies, all so lifelike you’ll be tempted to savor them.

Virginia Beach artist Tessa Hall Duquette completed the work in just five days. After receiving an art degree from the University of Vermont, Tessa rooted herself in Virginia Beach as a creative entrepreneur, studio space owner, and now muralist.