Kaiya With Finch

After a local donor saw Richmond muralist Nils Westergard’s work he commissioned the artist to create a work for Norfolk’s then budding arts district. It was one of the first to grace Magazine Lane. Westergard has gone on to paint dozens of murals across the US and abroad.

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Razzle Dazzle

One of the first murals in the NEON District, Nick Kuszyk’s bright colors and patterns are now a Norfolk icon, taking inspiration from dazzle patterns used to camouflage battleships during World War I.

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Mr. Frog

Sam Hundley, a former illustrator and designer for The Virginian-Pilot, is a master of art using found objects, and Mr. Frog is no exception. The metal sculpture was refreshed and reinstalled on its lily pad in 2021.

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Public Art Program

Since the birth of the NEON District, new murals and sculpture projects have multiplied, through both top down and grassroots efforts. The combination creates an inclusive, welcoming arts community with a range of talents and styles. The NEON District's public art grant program supports individual artists and property owners seeking designs.

Past Projects

Arts Archive

A number of amazing projects have graced the walls and galleries in the NEON District over the years. Some were temporary, some faded away gracefully and some rotate out over the years. Walk down memory lane with us.