Public Art

NEON Squared

throughout the NEON District

The Governor's School for the Arts Students


As a continuation of their artistic bench project, Governor’s School for the Arts students initially painted six sidewalk mural squares in the NEON in 2018. Now an ongoing project, visual art students repaint and add new mural squares on sidewalks annually.

GSA students also refresh the Magazine Lane “carpet” seen behind 801 Granby Street every two years.

2023 NEON Squared projects:

Jazzalin Cassanova, Fish at Granby entrance to The Plot

Atticus Lewis, Good Luck Bad Luck at Cardinal Skate Shop

Lindsey McDonald, Lines between Xchange and Commonwealth Tattoos

Peyton Sayre, City Fish near Zeke’s patio on Wilson

Isabella Schetzel, Floral Abstract at Virginia Furniture near corner of Granby and Olney

Carrington Smith, Woman with Headphones at Hummingbird Macarons

Ava Terry, Can You Fry an Egg on the Sidewalk? at Bob’s on Granby

Artist Assistants: Sofia Cateternam, Jordan Collins, Abigail Craun, Zachary Ellis and Paul Miani