Art Out Loud

Chrysler Museum of Art
1 Memorial Place
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Calling mischief makers and vanquishers of evil. Art Out Loud: Heroes & Villains transforms the Museum into a battleground between good and evil. Dress as your favorite hero or villain and explore how power, morality, and adventure collide in art.

Rock out to your favorite video game music and feel like a champion. Whether you are battling a boss or racing against the clock, Stage Select has your back.

Enjoy the hijinks of Push Comedy Theater with somewhat, sort of true tales of heroes and villains in the galleries.

What is more powerful? Intelligence, strength, magic? Fill out your Art Madness Bracket and determine the ultimate hero or villain.

The Museum Conservators will show off their superpowers. They use x-ray vision, nerves of steel, super healing, and time-traveling abilities to keep our collection safe from the evil villains: time, pests, environment, and other foes. Talk with the team and learn about how they use their powers for good.

Museum members are Chrysler heroes. Throughout the evening, Members can enjoy the exclusive Member’s Lounge with a bar, snacks, and entertainment.